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Diamond Realty Brokers has CONSULTED & MANAGED over 4100 Real Property Assets totaling nearly $300 Million from Multi Family, Senior Housing, LIHTC Properties, Single Family Corporate Portfolios, REITS & Commercial Real Estate.




  • Directs practices to ensure that licensed brokerage is in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements in various states GA, NC, TN & SC.
  • Advise & Consult licensed brokerages on Policies, Procedures and Standards of Practice administratively & ethically directed through the license law for the acquisition, leasing & management of properties.
  • Assist with and respond to third party audits and inspections from regulatory agencies including the real estate commission in various licensed states.
  • Monitors and reviews all license law regulatory releases provided by state and federal regulatory agencies and interpret the information to create Policies & Procedures.
  • Maintain annual continuing education & annual renewals for the licensed FIRM in various states & validate ongoing license law compliance changes/updates with local & state codes & regulations.
  • Sponsors the licenses of each onsite staff employee & responsible for the actions of the licensees. However, states which require on-site staff to be licensed & directed under a licensed brokerage firm, must direct staff to get licensed.
  • Affiliation Agreement for Licensees provided.
  • May serve as Qualifying Broker, Broker of Record or Broker in Charge as mandated by state regulatory requirements.
  • Brokerage Management fee % of Effective Gross rental Income for existing Management company seeking Broker of Record, Broker in Charge or Qualifying Broker. Monthly fee minimum required for management companies with less than 500 assets.
  • Real Estate Consulting – Paperless Transaction Management, Sales & Leasing Marketing Plan, Web Marketing, PM License Law Advisors upon request.




Tenant Screening & Procurement:

  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Prior Evictions Check
  • Negotiating lease terms, Lease contract provided & prepared
  • Owner Deposit Procurement provided
  • A la Carte extras – Move In/Move Out Inspection, Rental History, Income & Employment verification
  • Tenant Procurement Fee: One month’s rent

Superior Marketing:

  • Properties are advertised on MLS & popular affiliates through
  • Virtual Tour provided for staged properties
  • Rental Leases are executed online
  • Rental Applications are screened & taken online



  • Owners are paid online
  • Owner Financial Reports, Invoices & Receipts provided
  • Schedule Maintenance, Repairs, Tenant Management & additional resources
  • A la Carte extras – Tenant eviction assistance through Attorney affiliates
  • Includes Leasing Management as described above
  • Renewal fee (when tenant remains longer than 12 months): 50% of one month’s rent
  • % Brokerage Management fee of the Effective Gross rental Income for existing Management company seeking Broker of Record compliance. See Real Estate Management above for details.


Owner Contract & Application Review: Leasing Listing, Single Family Leasing Management,

Multi Family Management Agreement, Commercial Management AgreementServices to be Performed,


Tenant DocsRental Screening Application, Customer Acknowledgement,





  • Quality BPO’s
  • CMA’s with details comparable properties
  • Premier Print & Online Marketing
  • Supervision of third party vendors & contractors
  • Contract negotiation
  • Highest & Best coordination



  • Market & Feasibility Studies
  • Enhanced Comparable Market Analysis
  • Demographic & Economic Studies
  • Commercial Trade Analysis
  • Land Acquisition & Disposition
  • Multi Family Housing Acquisition
  • Broker Price Opinion
  • Commercial Business Analysis
  • Investment Acquisition Analysis
  • Highest & Best Use




Disclosure – Information shall not be used as real estate advice unless you are a client of Diamond Realty Brokers. Information subject to change based on rules, regulations & state laws specific to the location of the property.  The Broker, Angel Knight is licensed in multiple states where other terms & conditions may be applicable.



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  Atlanta Board of Realtors, Georgia Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors