Own for as little as $1000 a month.

(Based on a low $200,000 home, 30 yr mortgage with a fixed interest rate of approx 3.75%)


Qualifying for a mortgage is easy. The typical requirements are as follows:


1. 600 Credit Score (no late payments within 12 months) Best Score 640 & above
2. 3.5% DownPayment for FHA Financing (DUE ON THE DAY OF CLOSING)
For example: If sales price = $300,000 Then Down Payment = $10,500

NOTE: An Earnest Money payment to the seller for as little as $1000 to secure the property will be needed once an offer is submitted on a property. Buyers are credited back the earnest money when they close on the property. 

See if you Qualify for Down Payment Assistance 

3. Two Most recent Bank Statements, Current Pay stub, W-2 forms, last two years
4. Must be employed for at least 1 year (or in the same line of work if you’ve changed jobs within a year).

Job must be in the same state your buying a home. If self employed, your tax returns need to confirm self employment for the last 2 yrs.

5. Minimum 1 Yr rental history.
6. Last 2 years Filed Tax Returns.
7. Any B/K must be minimum 1 year from discharge for FHA mortgages.
8. Any prior foreclosure must be 1 year from when the previous bank sold the property, assuming your credit has been re established.

9. Documentation of the source of your down payment: investment or savings account statements showing at least two months’ history of ownership. If some of the funds were a gift, get a signed statement from the giver stating that the funds were a gift.
10. Documentation of name change, if recent
11. Proof of your identity (typically a drivers’ license or non-driver ID)
12. Social security number
13. Certificate of housing counseling or home buyer education, if you have one
Servicemembers or veterans should obtain a certificate of eligibility from the VA.


NOTE: A Pre Approval Letter is not a commitment to lend. It is simply an analysis of your credit worthiness & contingent upon verification of other documentation including but not limited to: proof of employment, income, filed tax return verification, rental history verification & a final underwriting review.



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