Why Seniors Should Consider Retiring in Atlanta

This post was kindly written for us by Barbara Thompson.


From its fairly temperate climate (we see snow once or twice a year and only have a few summer days in the 90s) to neighborhoods and communities designed specifically for seniors, Atlanta is a great place for over-55s to call home. Whether you already live in the area and are looking for the perfect home for this next phase of life or you’re thinking of relocating from a different region, check out these five reasons to retire in Atlanta.

1. Atlanta Home Prices Are Affordable

Despite low inventory levels, average Atlanta home prices remain reasonably in the low $200,000. Compared to other metro areas in North America, Atlanta ranks 46th in cost of living, which is fairly low. Cost of living and affordable home prices make this city an ideal location to stretch your retirement income. After you sell your current house, you may even be able to purchase a smaller 55 & over retirement home outright. That could leave you with cash in your pocket to fund your retirement interests.

2. Uncle Sam Takes Less Money in Georgia

The state of Georgia provides a Retirement Income Exclusion to exempt most, if not all, of your retirement earnings from state income tax. Earned income is exempt up to $4,000. For unearned income, self-employment income, alimony or royalties, you can exclude up to $35,000 for yourself or $65,000 for you and your spouse. Your Social Security income is already exempt, and your pension or retirement fund distributions may be exempt depending on fund structure. You’ll still need to file your state and federal returns, but you’ll owe a lot less living in the Peach state.

3. The Climate May Help Your Health

Many seniors suffer from chronic ailments that interfere with their body’s ability to self-regulate in extreme temperatures. Luckily, Atlanta’s humid sub-tropical climate can be beneficial to senior health issues. Temperatures rarely fall below the low-to-mid 30s on winter evenings and even more rarely break 90 on hot summer days. Those that enjoy outdoor activities or gardening will find plenty of time throughout the year for those pursuits.

4. Regional Planners Are Improving Life for Seniors

Atlanta leaders know that seniors are a forgotten population in many areas and are determined to make sure that doesn’t happen in their city. In a 2014 experiment, the Atlanta Regional Commission showcased how added services and offerings can make life better for seniors by taking over the Sweet Auburn neighborhood for a few days. The results fueled the creation of the Live Beyond Expectations and Lifelong Communities initiatives that promote aging in place, as well as partnerships with the many assisted living facilities in the area.

5. Free Opportunities for Seniors in Atlanta

The list of free offerings for seniors in Atlanta is expansive. These benefits let you keep your mind and body active without spending a lot of money. By provision of the Georgia state constitution, all seniors over 62 can attend any college in the state free of charge. Seniors can further pursue learning opportunities through free enrichment classes offered at Fulton County senior centers. Seniors who have Medicare can join many of the gyms in metro Atlanta at no cost. Finally, many of the local civic and cultural venues offer free or discounted fees for seniors, including special days at various museums.

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