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Tips To Sell Your Home & Create Curb Appeal

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Atlanta, then make sure you landscape it perfectly first. Most real-estate investors and home sellers know that the first impression is important when it comes to making an impact on a potential buyer.  Curb appeal can go a long way towards helping someone fall in love with […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Aug 20, 2019

3 Steps Seniors Can Take to Downsize Their Home

3 Steps Every Senior Needs to Take to Downsize Their Home  Many seniors make the decision to move to a smaller home in retirement. If you are one of them, you may be wondering what steps to take to make this transition less stressful. Buying a new home and getting moved in can be a […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Jul 25, 2019

Where New Atlanta Residents Are Moving From

Source Fact: New people aren’t coming to Atlanta at the same dizzying speed they did before the Great Recession. Another fact? Thousands are still moving to Atlanta. Every year, net migration brings about 5,000 more people a year to Atlanta. So where are they coming from? All over the U.S. New York City Source The […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Jul 22, 2019

Why Seniors Should Retire in Atlanta

  Why Seniors Should Consider Retiring in Atlanta This post was kindly written for us by Barbara Thompson.   From its fairly temperate climate (we see snow once or twice a year and only have a few summer days in the 90s) to neighborhoods and communities designed specifically for seniors, Atlanta is a great place […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Nov 28, 2018

Living and Working in Atlanta

    Tips for Living and Working in Atlanta   This post was kindly written for us by Abigail Golder.   Moving to a new city can be intimidating, especially when you’re considering one with a reputation as dynamic as Atlanta. You want to thrive in a city that’s already thriving. But organizing your new […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Nov 9, 2018

Choosing a REALTOR® for Your Next Home Move

  Choosing a REALTOR® for Your Next Home Move   This post was kindly written for us by Bellhops Moving Company One of the first things you’ll need to do when you’re considering selling your home, is find someone to help you to all the heavy lifting. Whether you’re selling in one of the most […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Aug 13, 2018

Moving to Atlanta

Moving to Atlanta? Here’s What You Should Know   If you’re thinking about moving to Atlanta, the first thing you should know is that the locals know your just visiting when people call it “Hotlanta.” The h-word is reserved for tourists. You may also be tempted to call it “Y’allywood” because of the booming television […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Oct 6, 2017

Angel Knight on WEtv Braxton Family Values

Angel Knight REALTOR® on WEtv Braxton Family Values Atlanta Buckhead Real Estate – Atlanta Buckhead LifeStyle   When you show properties to one of your favorite vocalist & she greets you with a warm hug, everything else is a piece of cake. After being featured on this season’s 1st episode of WEtv’s Braxton Family Values […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Apr 6, 2017

New Development in Cascade

    Nearly 17,000 sqft of new Retail & Restaurant space is coming to Atlanta’s Cascade area. The need for retail & mix use space is long over due in the area. Residents welcome more variety in Southwest Atlanta without the commute to downtown Atlanta unnecessarily. Many residents in this area enjoy the convenience of being located no […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | Aug 8, 2016

The Cost of Renting v/s Buying

Renting vs. Buying: What Does it Really Cost? Some Highlights: The % of income needed to buy a median priced home is almost half the % of income needed for median rent. Buying costs are significantly less than renting. The % of income needed to buy a median priced home is less than renting.   Buy v/s Rent Chart Comparison: The […]

Diamond Realty Brokers | May 24, 2016